Alex Ferrer Kristjansson – Director, Brand & Communication Euroleague Basketball


Born in Barcelona, Alex Ferrer Kristjansson completed his studies in Business Administration at the Universidad de Barcelona and Hàskoli Íslands (Reykjavík), and holds a master degree in Sports Management in Marketing by the University Ca’ Foscari (Venice). After a short stage working at the automotive sector for German company Robert Bosch, in 2004 Alex moved to professional sports management working at Euroleague Basketball, a privately owned organization that manages the premier professional basketball competitions in Europe. Alex had different roles within the organization over the years, first at marketing, and concretely at brand management, ticketing, sports marketing and new technologies, amongst others.  Since 2012 he was appointed as Brand & Communication Director, heading the development of the marketing and communication strategies at the competitions, including digital, content marketing, media relations and branding.